WMC has a number of recent publications dealing with Pharmacy Benefit issues, which may be of interest.  Contact us for more information.

  • What are PBMs?
  • Report to the Kansas State Employee Health Care Commission, March 2010
  • WMC Comparison of PBM 10-Ks, March, 2012
  • Sample Audit Report
  • Sample  Request for Proposal (RFP) for PBM Services
  • Sample RFP Evaluation Template
  • 340B Replenishment Flow Chart
  • 340B Questionnaire for Prisons and Penitentiaries

Web site links:
A trade publication that is an excellent source for PBM and health benefit news
A medical information network
The National Legislative Association on Prescription Drugs – a non-profit consumer advocacy group

A well financed foundation with a wealth of timely information on health care issues
Drug Channels:

An excellent site/blog for current information on drug benefit issues
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Web Site Links